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July 21st 2020 ... The Last Day for Year 6


It's Time to Celebrate a Very Special Day!

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Thank you :-)

I am writing to you to mark the end of your time at St George’s School, in what has been a unique year!

Firstly, well done for surviving the last few months. I know that some of you have been at school most days since March, some joined us for a few weeks in June and July, and some were unable to return to school when the country went into ‘lockdown’, and have been learning from home. These really have been extraordinary times, and you should feel good about yourself for showing such resilience throughout. Some days may have seemed tough … it’s only natural to feel that way. The important issue is that we know how to dig deep and see each day through. They say that ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do!’. It might be difficult to see yourself as tough, but tough people are not always the noisiest ones who try and get all the attention. Some of the most determined people I know do so quietly, and without putting themselves centre stage. That is to be applauded in a person. So well done all of you.

However, we are approaching the end of the school year, and are starting to look ahead to the exciting challenge of starting secondary school. I know that a great deal of thought and effort is going into making sure that your start in a new school will be a successful one. If you are worried about the change, don’t be. All children, from all schools, have had the same experience as you this year, and I know that teachers in Year 7 will be teaching a lot of the Year 6 curriculum so that you can feel confident in what you are learning.

As the situation across the country, and indeed the world, begins to improve, your schools will be able to offer new and exciting challenges. I would urge you to make the most of all the opportunities that come your way … new subjects to learn, exciting after school clubs, adventurous visits, the opportunity to take part in a residential trip, and even travel abroad for a few days! Life is for living … so take every opportunity and make the most of every one of them.

Whatever path you are taking, the key to success will be your personal attributes. You have been a wonderful year group, full of smiles, laughs, deep thinking, warm heartedness and the occasional bad joke! Keep setting an example for what a positive and caring member of society looks like. You are all a wonderful example of young people at their very best, and you set a cracking example for others to follow.

We have had a few surprises planned for you, even though we are unable to meet together (not having a Year 6 final assembly is saving a fortune on the tissues bill at school!). We have a gift for every Year 6 pupil being delivered by post (it may have already arrived) accompanied by some best wishes from us all at the school. Remember, you are awesome! … never doubt it. We also have a rather special little extra gift for you which will hopefully remind you of the team at St George’s that have helped you along the way. I will keep you in suspense until the very last day of term for more details!

Finally, as your wonderful life story enters a new chapter, keep putting in place the St George’s Vision!

Dream big …            there is nothing wrong with aiming high! Follow your heart!

Reach high …          your dreams will not come true without effort, hard work & determination.

Achieve well …        be humble in victory, and generous and reflective if it doesn’t go to plan.

Grow healthy …       look after yourself in mind and body.

Opportunity …        take opportunities when they arise, and encourage others to do so as well.

Nurture and care… keep safe, keep others safe, and stand up to protect those who need help.

Have a wonderful summer, and thank you for all you have given us at St George’s.

Yours sincerely, Carl Messer (Headteacher)

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