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The Year 6 2020 Residential Visit to Ingram Lodge, East Mersea

This term Year 6 will be enjoying a residential visit to East Mersea. We have provided the basic details below for you.

Visit 1

Group : Visit 1

Leaving : Monday 18th May at 7:45am

Return : Wednesday 20th May at 4:45pm

Visit 2

Group : Visit 2

Leaving : Wednesday 20th May at 9:45am

Return : Friday 22nd May at 6:30pm

What will I need?

Clothes and Shoes


Nightwear / Warm Pyjamas

Underwear and socks (please note that for many activities, socks will need to cover your ankles)

Trousers / leggings for activities (avoid jeans)

Shorts (check the weather forecast!)

1 pair of trainers for activities and evening activities (to keep dry and comfy)

1 pair of trainers for water sports / muddy activities (e.g. old trainers that can be disposed of)

Fleeces / sweatshirts for activities

Long sleeved top/t-shirts (for activities where arms need to be covered)


1 or 2 sets of clothes for the evening (to keep warm ... remember, we are not on a catwalk!)

Baseball hat / sun hat

Waterproof jacket / cagoule (and trousers if you have them)

Warm anorak or similar, hat and gloves if weather colder

Swimming Costume




What will I need?

Other Items


Sleeping bag or duvet*, pillow (*and single bottom sheet if desired to cover plastic mattress cover)

One towel for showering

One old towel for wet / muddy activities

Plastic drinks bottle

Sunscreen (self applied)

Labelled bin bags for any wet and dirty clothing

Wash bag (including soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste)

Torch and Batteries (inc spare batteries)

What will I need?

All clothing items should be named to avoid loss and should be packed in a kit bag or rucksack that should also be labelled and named. Children will be required to carry/move their own luggage (unless medically unable).

Absolutely NO money, mobile phones, MP3 players, jewellery, watches or similar items.

Every child will be given a photograph recording their time at the camp, so most children prefer not to risk the loss of a camera. We will take a group photograph of all participants and ensure that every child is given a copy.

Remember, all food, snacks and drinks are included for your child (except for the packed lunch required on the first day)

Please be aware that on certain activities clothing will get wet and muddy! All property remains the sole responsibility of the child whilst on the visit.

Whilst cabins have been arranged for the children, it may be possible for some children to sleep under canvas for a night if they choose to do so. The contact form for the visit will be sent to you, for completion and return, in May.

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